June 19th Drivers Ed Class Roster
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The following students are those that are signed up for the driver's ed class that starts on June 19th and runs through June 29th.  They will meet in the cafeteria at 8:00 AM.  The class dismisses at 12:00 PM each day Monday through Thursday.  There are no classes on Friday.  You cannot miss a class during the summer sessions.

Zachary Atkins
Kayla Austin
Justin Biggs
Zachary Biggs
Zackery Burbage
Delaney Campbell
Danielle Chadwick
Jenifer Conaway
Anglina Croom
Joshua Grabowski
Preston Hall
Ashonti Harris
Rodolfo Heredia
Calvin Hoang
Ashley Holliman Miller
Arika Horvath
Dakota Kent
Dylan Lunt
Aaron Marshall
Daquan Miller
Jay Miller
Makayla Miller
Peter Miller
Maya Moreno
Camden Newbold
Hoang Nguyen
Dylan Orr
Dylan ORR
Jade Peterson
Breana Reid
Katilyn Ribblett
Isaiah Rodriguez
Kimberly Ross
Ryan Ross
Agatha Sabin
Spencer Stephens
Brena Vanderwerf
Bryce Vanderwerf
Jairus Villanueva
Sharma Walton
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