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Graduating Senior Letter 2017
Posted On:
Friday, May 12, 2017

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May 10, 2017

To the Parents/Guardians of Graduating Seniors:

Your child has reached a milestone in life, and we realize that you are justifiably proud. Graduation is a special time in the lives of these young people and their families. Therefore, it is important that all those in attendance are able to enjoy the ceremony by being able to hear each graduate’s name called and see them as they cross the stage. We humbly ask for your cooperation. The following guidelines have been established to ensure safety as well as an unobstructed view of the ceremony.

  • Each graduate will receive 5 tickets at practice the day of graduation, June 13th @ 9 am. Every person (including babies) must have a ticket. We do not have extra tickets in the office.  The formal ceremony begins at 7 pm and everyone must be seated at that time. However, the doors to the gym will open at 5:45. Guests who leave the gymnasium FOR ANY REASON will not be permitted to return during the ceremony.
  • We will also provide 2 additional tickets for LIVE STREAMING in the auditorium. These tickets will permit two additional guests to be on campus in a separate area during graduation. These guests will be seated in the auditorium. Doors will open at 5:45 and close promptly at 7:00 pm.  If  someone leaves the auditorium building, they will not be permitted to return into the auditorium until the streaming is complete.
  • There is childcare available for children 7 and under (no ticket is required if you use the daycare option). Call the school to sign-up.
  • Accommodations will be provided for guests in wheelchairs who arrive prior to 6:30. Upon arrival, a guest in a wheelchair should come to the front of the line with one other guest who may accompany him/her and make contact with a staff member or student marshal.
  • During the ceremony, photos may ONLY be taken from your SEATED position.
  • Photos will be taken during the ceremony by Strawbridge. Photos will be available to be viewed and      purchased at Password: 106908
  • Everyone must remain seated to keep the aisles clear during the presentation of the diplomas.
  • No balloons are permitted in the gym (this blocks the clear view of others) and flowers may not be presented to graduates during the ceremony.
  • The graduation ceremony will be available via a live feed on the internet. The streaming link will be available on the Swansboro High School website. Those using the link should start the viewing prior to 7:00.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Additionally, seniors have been asked to complete the Awarded Scholarships online form on Swansboro High School’s Student Services website. If additional scholarships need to be reported please have the senior see Mrs. Rains. These are read at our graduation ceremony and we would like to acknowledge all that are deserving. We want this evening to be a memorable occasion for all those involved.

Christine P. André, Principal

Upcoming dates:

May 16th Project Graduation Meeting 6:00 pm in the cafeteria

May 19th Project Graduation Forms due in the front office

May 26th Cap and Gown Parade at Elementary and Middle schools (Permission slip went home 5/10~must be returned by 5/24)

May 31st Senior Painted Spots covered to black surface or $25.00 fine paid

June 2nd All fees must be cleared in the front office and cafeteria.


June 13th All seniors report to main building to check in at 6:00 pm for graduation ceremony

June 13th 8:30 check in if attending Project Graduation (consent form must have been turned in to the front office by May 19th). All students must be picked up by an adult at 6 am on the 14th.

Parents, we still need your help with the activities during Project Graduation. You may sign up for a time to chaperone or set up. If you are able to help please email Ms. Harper at

Below is a copy of the information that was shared with seniors during Homeroom Wednesday, May 10th.  


1.       Graduation practice will be Tuesday, June 13th from 9:00 am until finished (allow for at least 2 hours). Any senior who does not attend the entire practice will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies on June 13th. No excuses will be accepted.

2.      Due to fire codes, every person, regardless of age, must have a ticket. Each senior will be given 5 tickets for the gym and 2 tickets for the live streaming in the auditorium. You will receive these tickets at graduation practice on Tuesday, June 13th.   Please keep in mind that all seats have been allocated and there are no extra tickets if you lose yours.

3.      All babies and children are also required to have a ticket if attending the ceremony regardless of age or size. However, if you call the front office at 326-4300 by Friday, June 9th childcare for children up to age 7 will be provided in the Auxiliary Gym for attending guests of graduating seniors. Please be sure to bring all necessary items needed for the care and entertainment of your child(ren).

4.      Proper attire for graduation is expected from everyone. This is a formal occasion and seniors are expected to treat it as such. Ladies are required to wear dresses/dress slacks and dress shoes. Gentlemen are required to wear a dress shirt with tie, dress pants, socks, and dress shoes. This means no jeans, sunglasses, flip flops, tennis shoes. High heels and strapless shoes are highly discouraged due to safety reasons. If you have a question about your attire, see Mrs. Gainey. Seniors are not to alter their cap or gown in any way. Anyone not conforming to this dress code will not be allowed to participate in graduation. Ladies do not have to affix the collar onto the gown. This is optional.

5.      On Tuesday, June 13th seniors need to be at Swansboro High School by 6:00 pm. No guests will be allowed in the main building, and once you are inside you may not leave the building until after graduation. You will not be allowed to bring any food or drinks into the building.

You need to enter the school at the front door by the cafeteria because other doors will be locked. Students will sign in at the door and receive room assignments.   Bring bobby pins or whatever else you might need to secure your hat.

Board policy: IHF-AGraduation Exercises

Any senior who violates school rules, damages school property, or engages in any conduct which interferes with, or disrupts school operations, may be prohibited by the principal from participating in the graduation exercises.

6.      Any student who disrupts the ceremony will be escorted by police out of the gym.

7.      Seniors who have a financial obligation to Swansboro High School, i.e. lost books, uniforms, school fees, fund raising money, etc., will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony. All fees will need to be taken care of by June 1st.

8.      Project Graduation intent forms have to be completed by Friday, May 19th.

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