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NTHS Helps Elementary School in Florida
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Mirror Lakes Elementary School
Mirror Lakes Elementary School

The Swansboro High School National Technical Honor Society wanted to do something to help the victims of Hurricane Irma. NTHS officers met with advisers Ellen Sheehan and Jim Brown to discuss possible ways to reach out to those affected by the storm. Although the group came up with many big ideas, the reality was they needed to think on a smaller scale. The idea of collecting school supplies was discussed. Then the group did some research and specifically found a school in Florida that is in an area where entire communities were flooded. That’s when the NTHS officers decided to adopt Mirror Lakes Elementary School in LeHigh Acres, Florida.

NTHS officers reached out to classmates, teachers and other clubs to participate. Maggie Fuhs, NTHS secretary, said she felt very fortunate and privileged to be able to provide for young students facing disaster. NTHS treasurer, Jennifer Narvaez echoed her comments and added that is it amazing to see our community come together to help others in need.

Within Swansboro High School, other clubs decided to join NTHS in their collection efforts. Skills USA and the Art Club both collected supplies. These supplies were added to the fourteen huge boxes of supplies that were donated. Sabrina Williams, NTHS vice-president said that she is extremely grateful to be part of a school that could be part of this school supply drive which will allow a school to be replenished with supplies they need which includes the basic necessities to function.

Dixon High School HOSA adviser, Christel Caliguire, emailed and wanted her club to participate in this drive. DHS HOSA members collected school supplies and boxed them up which was added to the SHS donations. Jacksonville High School HOSA also sent supplies. Croatan High School tennis team collected school supplies to donate. This was an excellent way for students at various schools to come together for one cause.

The students collected crayons, colored pencils, paper, composition books, pencils, markers, paints, glue sticks and glue, rulers, construction paper, folders and general school supplies used in most elementary schools. Eliza Patterson, NTHS Events Coordinator, said it is important for everyone in our nation and across our globe to realize when a disaster happens, it gives us an opportunity to practice charitable skills for people in times of needs just as we hope they would help us. Nathan Shekey, NTHS Communications Director, summed up the collection efforts

by saying he thinks it is important to understand that state lines do not separate our ability to help each other. And that is exactly what these clubs did.

The items were all boxed and were shipped to Mirror Lakes Elementary. NTHS found one obstacle in shipping. With so many fantastic donations, the shipping cost was pretty big. The school supplies made it to Florida. Bogue Dick is a senior and the president of NTHS. When asked how he felt about being a part of this school supply drive, Bogue said “the vitality of our rising generation depends solely around the opportunities available. Being able to have a school supply drive to reignite Mirror Lakes Elementary School’s creativity will hopefully help them continue to return to some sense of normalcy after the tragic storms.”

The principal of Mirror Lakes Elementary School, Rob Cooper, let the organization know when the boxes arrived. He thanked the NTHS for supporting his school. "Please relay my gratitude to the students and share that they are making a very important different in our community." Mr. Cooper sent pictures of the students opening the boxes. "It is very comforting knowing that there are outstanding people in our work who care for others and are willing to span several states to do so." Mr. Cooper said he promised that his school would "pay it forward" after their recovery efforts were complete and another school is in need.

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