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Cross Country Championships Results
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Monday, September 25, 2017

County Championships at Northeast Creek Park in Jacksonville 9.23.17

On Saturday the Swansboro boys and girls cross country team had a very successful day. The boys team won the county championship making them back to back county champions. Liam Anderson won the county championship for the 2nd year in a row with a winning time of 16:55. John Hasteadt finished 3rd overall finishing with a career best time of 17:08. In 4th place was Derick Detorro, he finished in a career best time of 17:31. Finishing 8th overall was Ricky Kidwell with a time of 17:55. Finishing 13th overall was Joseph Perez with a career best time of 18:20. All five of these runners earned All County recognition for finishing in the top 14. Also representing the boys varsity cross country team were: Travis McMillion and Daniel Sutton both finishing with their season best times of 18:44 and 18:52. In the boys JV race Rodolfo Heredia, Zachary Marland, Dimitri Assad, Chris Meijia, Josh Diep, Jason Lilley, and Morgan Cassell also ran very well. Zachary Marland, Josh Diep, and Jason Lilley all ran career best times. It took all of the guys from varsity through JV to make this County Championship possible.

The girls cross county team finished 3rd overall. With all of the injuries and sickness going around just days before the County Championship a 3rd place finish was very respectful for the girls team. Paige Horvath finished 2nd and earned all-county recognition. She finished in a season best time of 19:55. The rest of the varsity runners were: Aurora Rios, Alyssa Koscierzynski, Madisen Thompson, Bailey Nelson, Regan Moore, and Jordan Hatfield. Aurora Rios finished in a career best time of 22:55. Madisen Thompson dropped nearly 2 mins to run her season best time of 23:20. In the girls JV race Jenna Brooks finished 2nd overall with a career best time of 24 mins. Finishing behind Jenna were: Makenna Nelson, Kyarra Carpenter, Carrington Scheller, Claire Leidy, Brianna Plumb, Olivia Rodriguez, and Sierra Lopez. Kyarra, Brianna, and Sierra all dropped nearly 2 mins off their previous best time.


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