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2017 Swansboro Cross Country
Summer Running Plan

There are handouts of the summer running plan available in the front office.  For all of June the running will be run at a slow comfortable pace.  These runs will be no more than 30 to 40 minutes. The point of these easy runs is to get your body prepared for the more rigorous training that comes in July.  Although tryouts aren't until August 1st we will be meeting over the summer to run.  I recommend that you follow the calendar to the best of your ability.  If you're new to the sport of cross country, you may find that you need to run for less time on certain days, or that you need to take more days off.  If that's what you need please make sure to do that.  It won't do you any good to start the season with injuries.  For returning runners, I would advise you to follow this schedule as close as possible, because this is where I want you to be when the season starts.

Helpful tips for a healthy training program:

  • Make sure that you're doing a 5 to 8 minute warm up before each run.
  • Stretch after your warm up and cool down.
  • Make sure you pay close attention to your running shoes.  If you notice a lot of wear on them or you can't remember when the last time you got a pair of shoes, it might be time to get some new ones (I would stay away from the Nike Free Running shoes they lack support).
  • Do at least 50 pushups and 100 sit-ups 4 days a week (they don't all have to be done at one time; you can break them up however you need to get them done).
  • Hydrate before and after each run.
  • If you have aches or pains that are more than just sore muscles, make sure you rest until the pain goes away.  If you push through it, it will probably just get worse.

Items you will need for summer training as well as season training:

  • A watch with a digital timer (nothing fancy)
  • A large water bottle (32 oz and up)
  • Clima Lite or Dri Fit running gear (it's not a must, but I would highly recommend it).


Tryouts:  Tryouts will be held on Tuesday, August 1st at 7:30 am.  We will all meet down by the High School Track.  At tryouts the boys will need to run the 5K course in under 25 minutes and the girls will need to run the course in under 28 minutes.  If you don't make the time it doesn't necessarily mean that you won't make the team.  However, we may choose not to enter you in any of the races until we feel that you're ready.  I feel confident that many of you will make the time if you follow the calendar that I have designed for you.

Please contact me as soon as you pick up this schedule so that I have your phone number.  You can contact me by texting or calling.  My phone number is 616-260-6020.

See you this summer, Coach Mark Starlin