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Foreign Language Club

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Club Advisors


To promote cultural awareness with the membership and student body; to provide cultural enrichment beyond the classroom.


  • All members must be enrolled in a foreign language class, be enrolled in one for the second semester, or have completed levels I, II, III or IV the previous year.
  • All members must remain in good standing with the school.
  • All members must pay club dues set at the beginning of each school year.


Each meeting of the Club will have an instructional-cultural program. Outside sources may be used as well as approved guest speakers and films.


  • Whenever possible, the Club will endeavor to have dinner meetings every other month.
  • Socials will be held for Christmas, Foreign Language Week, and end of school year.

Community Service Project:

  • We participate in community service projects as we see their need for our help.

Additional Activities and Projects:

  • During the Christmas season, the Foreign Language Club members adopt a child from the elementary school, buying clothes and toys for him/her.
  • The Foreign Language Club organizes trips outside the area during the school year with the purpose of visiting museums and other attractions.
  • Ms. Garcia and Mr. Laughinghouse organize trips to countries like France, Spain, and Italy during the summer. Members are encouraged to participate in these trips.