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Model UN

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Model United Nations


What is Model UN?

Students take the role as delegates from assigned countries and tackle international issues in a simulated United Nations committee through research, public speaking, and problem solving. Specific topics for each committee will be presented with delegates researching and developing a position to address the topics based on the background of their assigned countries. During the committee, delegates will go through the process of debate, collaboration, and consensus building with other delegates to draft, sponsor, and pass resolutions to address the specific topics.  

Previous Model UN topics?

Human rights violations, weaponization of space, market access and trade, heathcare with infectious diseases, counter-terrorism, human and drug trafficking, education in developing nations, refugee rights  

Interested or Questions? 

An informational session is scheduled for September 20th (Wednesday) afterschool at 2:45 in 702 to discuss membership, Model UN format and procedures, and requirements that the club will demand. Prior to deposits for off-campus conferences, we will hold a club simulated committee conference to hone skills and address interest. Please stop by Mr. McFarland's room in 702 or email if you have questions. 


Two teacher recommendations for membership

Attendance to club meetings that will include a planning session and simulated committee conference, delegation research and position paper writing, and trip infomational sessions. 

Deposit and payment (TBD)

Position paper prior to conference

When is Swansboro Model UN attending conferences?

Fall - Virginia Tech - November 3 -5, 2017

Spring - UNC - February 22 - 25, 2018