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Health Science

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Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve.

Even a pirate needs a little healthcare sometimes!
Even a pirate needs a little healthcare sometimes!

The Swansboro High School Health Science Academy welcomes all students who may be considering a career in the medical sciences or who are interested in learning more about the health field.

The mission of the Swansboro High School Health Science Academy is to prepare students to enter and serve in the healthcare workforce and/or pursue post-secondary healthcare education.

If you are considering any of the following careers (or any other career in the healthcare field) then the Health Science Academy is the perfect place for you!! 

Nursing Assistant 


Emergency Medicine (Paramedic, EMT)




Sports Medicine



Forensic Science

Physical Therapy

Dental Hygiene


The Swansboro High Health Science Academy provides students the opportunity to pursue their dreams of a career in the health care field by offering a rigorous and relevant curriculum. The major themes in the curriculum are: nursing assistant (program begins in the Spring of 2011), pharmacy technician and health science college preparation.  The students have the opportunity to take the respective national certification exam to become a certified nursing assistant and / or pharmacy technician during their senior year.

Students participating in the Health Sciences Academy will be able to:

1.  Make health career decisions suited to their individual needs, aptitudes, abilities and career objectives.

2.  Develop a pre-professional or pre-technical foundation that supports successful pursuit of advanced education and/or entry-level employment in a health career.

3.  Develop a foundation of basic skills and knowledge required for employment in a changing healthcare environment including:

  • Science & Mathematics
  • Technology applications
  • Communications skills
  • Teamwork
  • Professional behavior & ethics
  • Analysis and problem solving

4.  Establish healthy life style behaviors.