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Lunch Program

All students will get an opportunity to apply for a free or reduced lunch.  Students must reapply yearly for free or reduced lunch.  They are encouraged to do so if they feel that they qualify.  You will have either first, second or third lunch according to the location of your third period class.

All food and drinks must be eaten in the cafeteria or courtyard.

All students will be issued a number which will be used by the cafeteria staff to create an account on which you can put money for the day, week, or even month.  Students should not share this number with their friends.

Onslow County Schools provides nutritious breakfast and lunch meals designed around USDA’s MY PLATE and the newly implemented nutrition standards for school meals supported by First Lady Michelle Obama. These guidelines restrict the amount of fat, sodium and sugar in our meal selections and encourage increased consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, and calcium rich foods. Well-balanced breakfasts and lunches are one of the cornerstones to success in the classroom and improving student’s academic performance. Menus are posted on the Onslow County Schools website at and in the local media. 

Children from families whose income falls within USDA income-eligibility guidelines may be eligible for either free or reduced price meals. Applications for meal benefits are available at the school office, school cafeteria and the Child Nutrition Central Office. 

Meal prices are $1.25 for breakfast and $2.00 for lunch. Families may apply for free and reduced priced meals based upon household size and income. Those who qualify for reduced price meals may have breakfast provided at no cost and $.40 for lunch. Supplemental items are selected from a variety of healthy snacks and additional menu items may be purchased. Parent/Guardians may request that a message be placed on the child’s account to limit the types and amounts of items the student is permitted to purchase. If a student in grades K-8 has no money for meals, that student will be fed and the student’s cafeteria account will be charged for that meal. Families are responsible for all meal costs for food eaten by the student until the new application has been approved. There will be no charging of individual food items at any time. Students who bring meals from home may purchase milk at the a la carte price of .50, even if the child is qualifies for free meals. Milk is included as a meal component for all pay statuses. A copy of the meal charge collection program is available at the school office, school cafeteria and for viewing on line at A parent/guardian may request a printout of their student’s cafeteria account. Prepayments are available online at Contact the cafeteria manager for any account information or with questions/concerns.