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 **Please take a moment to check out our photo album for new student artwork updated monthly!!!

Art Club Officers

 Amber B- President   (1st Semester) 

 Tunner H. -  V. President

Autumn C. -Community affairs and public relations

Annie B. - Secretary

Vacant -Treasurer


Syllabus,supply and fee list, and classroom conduct for each class can be found under the Files tab.

 Art I - Syllabus found under files  
 Art II - Syllabus found under files  
 Art III  
 Art IV  
 Art History  
 AP Art History  
 Ceramics - Syllabus found under files  
 Fine Crafts - Syllabus found under files  

 Honors Art


Art room needs:

Up-cycle old items and help the art department with supplies.

1.  Post cards, Christmas cards,Old Calendars, old and new magazines

2.  Glitter, ribbons, sequins, buttons, feathers, keys, straight pins, etc

3. Wooden boxes- old jewelry boxes, gift boxes, etc.

4.  Scrap cooper or zinc plates like used in construction

5.  Gourds

6.  Old mouse pads

7.  Old jewelry

8.  Nuts & Bolts, hammers, pliers, wire cutters - any kind of old tools

9. Hot Glue guns and glue sticks

10. Wire of any description, ex. linear, and chicken wire.

11. Wood scraps small triangles, arch shapes, cubes etc.

12. Plaster of paris or wall paper paste.

13. Curtain materials (fabric that you might have changed in a move)

14. Paper tubes, wire coat hangers

15. Old coffee table art books, animal books, old children books, etc.

16. Seed beads, needles, thread.

17. Sculpey, fimo, friendly clay (Polymer Clay)

18. Assortment of yarn for weaving and embroidery floss.

19. Oversize smock or t-shirt.

20.  Old bones and animal skulls

21.  Stamps and Stamp pads of any color.

22.  Basket supplies of any kind.

23.  Duck Tape (gray and or any colors)

24.  Scissors

25.  Old candles

26. corks (fishing or wine, any kind)

27.  Old kitchen utensils - especially wooden spoons, rolling pins, etc.

28.  Old misc. silver ware with texture designs

29.  Left over shades of white house paint (latex only, no oils)

Please send anything you think would be "handy" in creating wonderful art!


Teresa Murphy